Logging on to Grafana

This page describes the credentials needed to log on to Grafana for secure and nonsecure clusters for MapR 6.0 and later.

MEP 5.0.0 and MapR Installer 1.9.0 implemented some changes in security that affect the user IDs and passwords you need to log on to Grafana. Beginning with MEP 5.0.0, Grafana uses the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) and HTTPS to authenticate on secure MapR clusters.

MEP 4.x.x (Grafana 4.4.2) and Earlier

To log on, enter the default Grafana admin user and password:
  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

MEP 5.x.x (Grafana 4.6.1) and Later

To log on, specify the user and password as follows:
Secure Cluster Nonsecure Cluster
User Type the MapR cluster admin user ID. Type the Grafana admin user ID.
Password Type the MapR cluster admin password that you specified during cluster installation. Type the password for the Grafana admin user that you specified during cluster installation. (During cluster installation, the MapR Installer web interface asks you to provide this password. You can also provide the password by using configure.sh during a manual installation.)

For More Information

To change the Grafana password, see Changing the Password for Grafana.

For more information about the Grafana versions supported by each MEP, see MEP Components and OS Support.

For information about the MEPs supported by different MapR Core versions, see MEP Support by MapR Core Version.