Allocating Memory for the OS, MapR-FS, and Hadoop Services

Warden allocates memory to the operating system, MapR-FS, and MapR Hadoop services based on the following parameters:

Parameter Default OS MapR-FS Hadoop Service(s) Description




varies Defines the heap size percentage.
service.command.<os|mfs|servicename>.heapsize.maxpercent 85 Defines the heap size maximum percentage


4000 5000 Defines the maximum heap size in MB.
service.command.<os|mfs|servicename>.heapsize.min 256 512 256 Defines the minimum heap size in MB.

A dash (—) indicates that the cell value is not used or not applicable.

Memory settings for the operating system and MapR-FS are configured in the warden.conf file. The warden.conf file is located in /opt/mapr/conf. Other services, such as NodeManager and ResourceManager, have their own warden.<servicename>.conf file within /opt/mapr/conf/conf.d. For more information about the Warden files, see warden.conf and warden.<servicename>.conf.

Note: Warden only allocates resources for MapR Hadoop services associated with roles that are installed on the node.