Monitoring Multiple Instances of MapR-FS

The various ways to monitor the health and performance of your cluster are described here. This section describes the commands you can run to perform some additional monitoring.

Determining the Number of Running Instances

Run the following command to determine the number of instances actually running:
/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig info instances

Your output will look similar to the following. This output shows that 2 FileServer instances are running on ports 5660 and 5661.

[root@atsqa8c171 ~]# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig info instances
5660 5661
Alternatively, on large clusters, run the following command to:
  • Determine the number of configured instances:
    # maprcli node list -columns numInstances
    hostname           numInstances  ip         1     1     1     1   
  • Determine the number of running instances reported by MapR-FS to CLDB:
    # maprcli node list -columns numReportedInstances
    numReportedInstances  hostname           ip            

Determining the Number of MapR-FS Threads

You can run the mrconfig info threads command to view MapR-FS threads from all the instances. The output is tagged to identify the instance.