Configuring Nodes without Security

Describes how to configure all nodes without security during installation without the MapR Installer.

Note: This step does not configure your cluster for enhanced security. If you want your cluster to be secure, do not perform this step. Go to Enabling Wire-level Security.
Run the script with the following options on all nodes in the cluster:
/opt/mapr/server/ -Z <Zookeeper_node_list> -C <CLDB_node_list> [-RM <host>] [-HS <host>] [-L <logfile>] [-N <cluster name>] [-F <disk list>]
  • Both <Zookeeper_node_list> and <CLDB_node_list> have the form hostname[:port_no][,hostname[:port_no]...].
  • For the hostname, specify a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) as described in Connectivity. Do not specify an alias or IP address.
  • -N <cluster_name> can be specified if the cluster is not yet named.