Installing MapR NFS

You can install NFSv3 on a node. The following sections describe how to install the NFSv3 server and the NFS client.

Installing MapR NFSv3 Server

Install NFSv3 server package.
To install, run the following command:
Red Hat or CentOS
yum install mapr-nfs
apt-get install mapr-nfs
zypper install mapr-nfs
If NFS server is installed without fileserver on a node, the node will be in /nfsserver topology. If fileserver is installed at a later time, the node will be moved to /data topology, which is the default for fileserver nodes.

Installing NFS Client

To install NFS client, run the following command:
Red Hat or CentOS
sudo yum install nfs-utils
sudo apt-get install nfs-common
sudo zypper install nfs-client