Installing MapR-ES C#/.NET Client

The MapR-ES C#/.NET client is a binding for librdkafka that is dependent on the MapR-ES C client (MapR-ES C Client is a distribution of librdkafka that works with MapR-ES).

Note: As of MapR 6.0.1/MEP5.0, you can create C#/.NET client applications for MapR-ES.


Verify that the following components are installed on the node:
  • MapR Client on Windows 7 (or higher) x64 operating systems
  • MapR cluster version 6.0.1 or greater
  • Java 8 SDK and set Java HOME
  • MapR-ES C Client (mapr-librdkafka 0.11.3)
  • MapR-ES C#/.NET Client (mapr-streams-dotnet)
  • .NET SDK 4.5.x or 4.6.x or .NET Core SDK 1.1
  • nuget.exe

For instructions on setting up the MEP repository, see Step 10: Install Ecosystem Components Manually.

Important: Because the MapR-ES C#/.NET Client is dependent on the MapR-ES C Client, you must configure the MapR-ES C Client before using the MapR-ES C#/.NET Client. See Configuring the MapR-ES C Client.

The following screenshot shows the Environment Variables on Windows:

Installing on Windows

To install from the Visual Studio, search for the MapR-ES C#/.NET package (mapr-streams-dotnet) in the NuGet Package Manager UI.

To install from PowerShell:
  1. Run the following command in the Package Manager Console:
    Install-Package mapr-streams-dotnet -<version>
To add the package initial in .NET Core:
  1. Create the application, for example: dotnet new console
  2. Add the C#/.NET Client package, for example: dotnet add package mapr-streams-dotnet
  3. Add a dependency in your .csproj file:
    <PackageReference Include="mapr-streams-dotnet" Version="<version number>" />