Installing mapr-loopbacknfs Packages

MapR POSIX clients enable app servers, web servers, and other client nodes and apps to read and write directly and securely to a MapR cluster

The MapR POSIX client can be installed on any client node, even your laptop, if you have Linux installed. The feature requires a loopbacknfs license, which is limited to a single user.
Note: A client node must have a supported Linux OS distribution and must be outside the MapR cluster, not running mapr-fileserver or other Hadoop services. You cannot install the MapR POSIX client on a Windows or Mac OS X machine.

To install mapr-loopbacknfs on your machine, perform the steps below for your version of Linux, as the root user or as sudo. The package is installed to the /usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs directory.

  • For CentOS, RedHat, or Oracle Linux
    [root@ip-<ip_address> ~] # yum install mapr-loopbacknfs

    The package is installed to /usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs.

  • For Suse
    # zypper install mapr-compat-suse
    # zypper install mapr-loopbacknfs
  • For Ubuntu
    # sudo apt-get install mapr-loopbacknfs