AsyncHBase Behavior with MapR-DB Binary Tables

After you install AsyncHBase, you can use the AsyncHBase libraries to provide asynchronous access to MapR-DB binary tables. However, it is important to note the behavior that is specific to using AsyncHBase with MapR-DB.

The Scanner.setMaxNumKeyValues method, when run against MapR-DB binary tables, does not behave as documented.
According to the AsyncHBase documentation, this method sets “the maximum number of KeyValues the server is allowed to return in a single RPC response.”

When you use this method with MapR-DB binary tables, the value for the maximum number of key values is ignored and the full set of KeyValues is always returned.

List<RegionClientStats> regionStats() is not supported
As of AsyncHBase 1.7-1603, List<RegionClientStats> regionStats() is not supported and when it is used the API does not return statistics.
MapR-DB ignores HBase configurations in the asynchbase.conf file
As of AsyncHBase 1.7-1603, the conf object can be used to override Hbase properties that were previously only configured in the asynchbase.conf file. The asynchbase.conf file is located in the asynchbase installation directory. MapR-DB does not use these Hbase configurations and therefore they are ignored by MapR-DB