Viewing Volume Information

You can retrieve and view volume information using MCS and the CLI.

  1. Log in to MCS and go to the Summary tab under Data > Volumes.
  2. Click the volume name in the Volumes pane.
    The volume information page displays. On this page, you can edit the volume by clicking Edit Volume. In addition, for:
    Standard Volume
    Click the Select Action dropdown menu to:
    • Remove the volume
    • Change the mount path and mount or unmount the volume
    • Convert the volume to a mirror volume
    Mirror Volume
    Click the Select Action dropdown menu to:
    The page displays tabs for viewing:
    • Summary of the volume including:
      • All recent and active volume alarms
      • Volume disk usage
      • Volume details such as the general and auditing settings for the volume, ACLs and ACEs on the volume, and volume quotas and schedules
    • Snapshots associated with the volume