Monitoring Volumes

You can monitor volume:

Monitoring Volume Disk Usage Using the MapR Control System

You can view:
  • Volumes that use the most amount of allocated disk space in the Top Volume Utilization pane under Data > Volumes.
  • Disk usage trend for a volume in the Usage Trends pane in the Summary tab of the volume information page. You can select a preset (last 15 minutes, last 1 hour, last 12 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, or last 90 days) or custom time range and zoom in (by clicking and dragging the cursor in the pane) for a more granular view. If necessary, click Reset Zoom to return to the default view.
Note: The metrics collection infrastructure must be installed during installation to visualize the metrics in the various panes. If the metrics collection infrastructure is not installed, perform an Incremental Install to view the charts described here.

Viewing Volume Mount Information in the MapR Control System

You can view the number of mounted and unmounted volumes on the cluster in the Volumes pane under Overview. The pane displays:
  • The total number of volumes on the cluster
  • The number of mounted and unmounted volumes
  • The percentage of volumes mounted

Visualizing Volume Metrics

MapR provides Volume dashboard that displays various volume metrics including raw data size, snapshot size, total size (including the snapshot size), and volume utilization trends. For more information, see Sample Dashboards in Grafana. In addition, if the volume metric collection feature is enabled on MapR-FS as described in Enabling Volume Metric Collection, you can also visualize the following metrics for the volume: number of IOs, throughput, and latency. For more information, see Collecting Volume Metrics.