Step 5: Build the Application

Start building an application! This section lists a few of the sample applications available on the MapR platform.

Note: When building and running your application, you may want to use a classpath for printing to standard output. The following classpaths are available with MapR:
mapr classpath
Prints CLASSPATH to standard output. This classpath could be used to build your application classpath to run MapR applications for YARN and other components.
mapr clientclasspath
Prints CLASSPATH for MapR-DB clients to standard output. The clientclasspath could be used to build the classpath to run your MapR-DB (binary and JSON) and MpaR-ES streams applications.


Build Your Java Application
This section shows how to build a Java application that uses OJAI and accesses MapR-DB JSON tables.
Managing JSON Tables
This section describes how to create, list, and delete JSON tables as well as set permissions and manage column families using either the MapR Java API library or the MapR-DB Shell commands.
Creating JSON Documents in Java OJAI
This section provides several Java examples of creating a document.
Examples: Inserting JSON Documents
This section shows how to insert a document or data into a document store (MapR-DB JSON table) with Java and dbshell.
Examples: Querying JSON Documents
This section provides several examples of querying documents.
MapR-DB JSON MapReduce: Sample App
This sample Java application extends the Apache Hadoop MapReduce framework to read records (JSON documents) from a JSON table and inserts new documents into another JSON table. This API library allows you to write your own MapReduce applications to write data from one JSON table to another.

MapR-DB Binary

C API Examples
This section provides examples using the MapR-DB libMapRClient C API to operate on MapR-DB binary tables.
MapR-DB Sample C Application
This section provides additional sample C applications that accesses and performs operations on MapR-DB binary tables.

MapR-ES Streams

Sample Java Consumer
This sample Java consumer application iterates through the returned records, extracts the value of each message, and prints the value to standard output.
Sample Java Producer
This sample Java producer application publishes messages to a stream topic.
Developing a MapR-ES C Application
These sample C applications publish messages to a stream topic and consumes the messages.
Developing MapR-ES Python Applications
These sample Python applications publish messages to a stream topic and consumes the messages.

This Java application demonstrates how to set, get, modify, and delete ACEs on files using the Java APIs.
This C application demonstrates how to write to files by using the hdfsWrite() and hdfsPwrite() APIs.
This C application demonstrates how to read from files by using the hdfsRead() and hdfsPread() APIs.
This C application demonstrates how to create and write to files impersonating another user by using the hdfsConnectAsUser() API.

Github Repo

You can find additional sample code on the MapR Demos Github repository.