Known Issues and Restrictions

Sqoop importing data into Hive fails when the entire cluster is configured to use Tez.
This is because of Sqoop's incompatibility with Tez.

Workaround: Do not configure the entire cluster to use Tez.

Percentage sampling is not supported in

Hive uses by default and so queries like 'SELECT * FROM tablename TABLESAMPLE(20 percent);' will not work for Hive on Tez.

Workaround: Instead of, use

To change input format, do one of the following:

  • Set hive.tez.input.format in hive shell. For example:
    hive> set;
  • Add to hive-site.xml file. For example:
Hive on Tez does not work well with Sequence Files Schema changes
Limitations with common joins
HIVE-11693: The CommonMergeJoinOperator only sets big table position when it has inputs for big table. If the input is empty, the method is not called.
HiveServer2 on Tez doesn't support concurrent queries within one session
HIVE-9223: When multiple queries are submitted in the same HS2 session concurrently, some queries fail with an error.