Integrate Hue with Drill

Important: Hue integration with Drill is an experimental feature. In addition, this method of configuration works only with Hue 3.12 or later.
  1. Configure Hue to use Drill:
    1. In the hue.ini, go to the notebook section, and set the dbproxy_extra_classpath parameter to contain the path to the Drill JDBC driver. For example:
        ## Classpath to be appended to the default DBProxy server classpath.
    2. Add Drill interpreter to the notebook.interpreters section in hue.ini. For example:
        # One entry for each type of snippet.
            name=Drill JDBC
            ## Specific options for connecting to the server.
            ## The JDBC connectors, e.g. mysql.jar, need to be in the CLASSPATH environment variable.
            ## If 'user' and 'password' are omitted, they will be prompted in the UI.
            options='{"url": "<drill-jdbc-url>", "driver": "org.apache.drill.jdbc.Driver", "user": "admin", "password": "admin"}'

      You can specify any valid Drill JDBC connection string as a <drill-jdbc-url> parameter. For more information, see Drill JDBC Driver.

      Note: To configure Hue with MapR Drill JDBC Drivers, see Drill JDBC Driver.
  2. Restart Hue to apply the updated configuration:
    maprcli node services -name hue -action restart -nodes <node>

    Now you can use Drill JDBC snippets in Hue Notebooks.