Kafka REST Proxy 2.0.1 Configuration

This section provides information for configuring the Kafka REST Proxy for MapR-ES.

These configuration parameters can be set in the kafka-rest.properties file. The Kafka REST Proxy for MapR Streams service is displayed in MCS and is run on port 8082 by default.

To configure the Kafka REST Proxy for MapR-ES, edit the following file:


To view the Kafka REST Proxy for MapR-ES log files, see the following location:

Note: After installation, Warden automatically detects the configuration and starts the service. To configure the Kafka REST Proxy for MapR-ES, stop the service, configure the parameters, and restart the service. To stop and restart services, see maprcli node services. For example:
maprcli node services –name kafka-rest –action stop
where node_names is the node on which to perform the action; either a list of nodes, or a filter that matches a set of nodes .