Kafka REST 2.0.1: GET /topics/{topic: string}/partitions/{partition_id: string}

Retrieves metadata about a specific partition within a topic.


Depending on the configuration, the type of information retrieved has different behavior. See the streams.default.stream parameter in Kafka REST 2.0.1: Configuration Parameters.

Table 1. Response Behavior
Parameters Defined Response
streams.default.stream is defined Gets metadata about a specific partition within a MapR-ES topic. The user could pass fully qualified topic name or not. If a fully qualified topic name is not used, metadata is retrieved and appended to the default stream path.
streams.default.stream is not defined Gets metadata about specific MapR-ES partitions within a topic. The user could only pass fully qualified topic names that contains stream path.
Table 2. Parameters
Parameters Description
topic_name (string) Name of the topic.
partition_id (int) ID of the partition to inspect.



Request Example

The following MapR-ES example reads from partition 0 of the topic: /streaming_data/stream:testtopic1.

curl -X GET http://localhost:8082/topics/%2Fstreaming_data%2Fstream%3Atesttopic1/partitions/0

The following Kafka example reads from the kafka topic: kafkatopic1 partition 0.

curl -X GET http://localhost:8082/topics/kafkatopic1/partitions/0

Response Example