Kafka REST 2.0.1: POST /topics/{topic:string}

Produces messages into a topic with the following behavior.


Depending on the configuration, the type of information retrieved has different behavior. See the streams.default.stream parameter in Kafka REST 2.0.1: Configuration Parameters

Table 1. Response Behavior
Parameters Defined Response
streams.default.stream is defined

Produces messages into specific MapR-ES topics. If the topic name does not contain a stream path, then the default stream path is used.

streams.default.stream is not defined

Produces messages into a MapR-ES topic. The topic name should contain a stream path and be encoded.

Note: If the topic does not exist, the following error results: [“error_code”:40401, “message”: ”Topic not found.”}. New topics are not created by the POST operation.
Table 2. Parameters
Parameters Description
topic_name (string) Name of the topic to produce the messages to.



Request Example

This example produces a message using binary embedded data with the value, Kafka, to the topic, test.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.kafka.binary.v1+json" --data '{"records":[{"value":"S2Fma2E="}]}' "http://localhost:8082/topics/test"

Response Example

        "offset": 1,