Before You Start

Before migrating your tables to another platform, consider the following points:

  • Schema Changes. Apache HBase and MapR-DB binary tables have different limits on the number of column families. When you are migrating to MapR-DB binary tables, you may be interested in changing your table's schema to take advantage of the increased availability of column families.
  • API Mappings: When you are migrating from Apache HBase to MapR-DB tables, examine your current HBase applications to verify the APIs and HBase Shell commands used are fully supported.
  • Namespace Mapping: If the migration will take place over a period of time, be sure to plan your table namespace mappings in advance to ease the transition. See Mapping to HBase Table Namespaces for more information.
  • Implementation Limitations: MapR-DB binary tables do not support HBase coprocessors. If your existing Apache HBase installation uses coprocessors, plan any necessary modifications in advance. MapR-DB binary tables support a subset of the regular expressions supported in Apache HBase. Check your existing workflow and HBase applications to verify you are not using unsupported regular expressions.

When migrating to MapR-DB binary tables, change your Apache HBase client to the MapR client by installing the version of the mapr-hbase package that matches the version of Apache HBase on your source cluster.

See Installing MapR Software for information about MapR installation procedures, including setting up the proper repositories.