MapR-ES brings integrated publish and subscribe messaging to the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Why MapR-ES?

MapR-ES is built into the MapR platform. It requires no additional process to manage, leverages the same architecture as the rest of the platform, and requires minimal additional management.

The MapR-ES and Apps section information and examples for developing Producer and Consumer applications.The MapR-ES concepts section covers information associated with streams, topics, and messages.The Administering Streams section provides information about creating and managing streams, topics, and stream replication.

How Do I Get Started?

Based on your role, review the MapR-ES documentation. The following table identifies useful resources based on your role.

MapR-ES and AppsMapR-ES Java ApplicationsMapR-ES C ApplicationsMapR-ES Python ApplicationsMapR-ES architecture and concepts.Determining stream design.Describes the flow of a message from a producer to a consumer.Describes the factors associated with stream replication.Installing MapRAdministering MapR-ES streams.Using the maprcli for managing streams.Utilities for MapR-ES Streams.

Additional Resources