Topic Messages

Messages are key/value pairs, where keys are optional. The values contain the data payload, which can be text, images, video files, or any other types of data.

Messages are published into topic partitions by Producer applications and are read by Consumer applications. All messages published to MapR-ES are persisted, allowing future consumers to “catch-up” on processing and analytics applications to process historical data. See Producers and Consumers for more information.


Messages are assigned offsets when published to partitions. Offsets are monotonically increasing and are local to partitions. The order of messages is preserved within individual partitions, but not across partitions.
Note: As of MapR 6.0, the message offset in a partition starts from zero (0). If you are upgrading and did not enable the MapR-DB/MapR-ES features,, the message offset in a partition starts from one (1).