Producers are data-generating applications, such as sensors in automobiles or activity loggers in servers. Producers create messages with the collected data and publishes the messages to MapR-ES topics, specifically, to MapR-ES topic-partitions.


Before a producer can publish to topics, the user ID running the producer needs these permissions:
  • The writeAce permission on the volume where the streams are located. For information about how to set permissions on volumes, see Setting Whole Volume ACEs.
  • The produceperm permission on the streams where the topics are located. Users with the adminperm permission on those streams can grant the produceperm permission.

Producing Messages

Producers create messages about the collected data and send the collected data to a MapR-ES producer client library. In addition to the actual message, the producer specifies the topic that the message is intended for and an optional partition ID. The producer client buffers incoming messages and sends them (in batches) to the MapR-ES server.
Note: In case of server failure, the producer client automatically continues to retry sending messages.

Event-time Timestamp

As of MapR 6.0.1, MapR-ES supports an event-time timestamp. The timestamp type can be either createtime (default) or logappendtime. See the maprcli stream create and stream edit for more information about these parameters.

Tip: Because each message is automatically published into a topic-partition with an event-time timestamp as part of the message record, this allows the Consumer application to seek records based on the timestamp.

For More Information

For more information about creating and editing streams or topics: