disk remove

Removes a disk from MapR-FS. Permissions required: fc or a.

The disk remove command does not remove a disk containing unreplicated data unless forced. To force disk removal, specify -force with the value 1.

  • Only use the -force 1 option if you are sure that you do not need the data on the disk. This option removes the disk without regard to replication factor or other data protection mechanisms, and may result in permanent data loss.
  • Removing a disk in the storage pool that contains Container ID 1 will stop your cluster. Container ID 1 contains CLDB data for the master CLDB. Run disk remove without the -force 1 option first and examine the warning messages to make sure you aren't removing the disk with Container ID 1. If you try to remove a disk associated with the storage pool that contains Container ID 1, you will see an error message similar to the following:
    ERROR (151) -  Failed operation for disk /dev/sdb, Operation may bring 
    down cluster due to loss of cluster meta-data.
    Tip: If necessary, run the following command for information on the disk associated with the storage pool that contains Container ID 1:
    /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig info dumpcontainers  | grep cid:1
    The command output may look similar to the following:
    cid:1 volid:1 sp:SP1:/dev/sdb spid:82380c287085486f0058112ecf016b76 
    prev:0 next:0 issnap:0 isclone:0 deleteinprog:0 fixedbyfsck:0 stale:0 
    querycldb:0 resyncinprog:0 shared:0 owned:206 logical:206 snapusage:0 
    snapusageupdated:1 ismirror:0 isrwmirrorcapable:0 role:1 maxUniq:2100150 
    isResyncSnapshot:0 snapId:0 port:5660
    To safely remove such a disk, perform a CLDB Failover to make one of the other CLDB nodes the primary CLDB, then remove the disk as normal.


maprcli disk remove
    [ -cluster <cluster> ]
    -disks <disk names>
    [ -force 0|1 ]
    -host <host> 
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
disks A list of disks in the form:
force Whether to force
  • 0 (default) - do not remove the disk or disks if there is unreplicated data on the disk
  • 1 - remove the disk or disks regardless of data loss or other consequences
host The hostname or ip address of the node from which to remove the disk.


Output Fields




The name of a disk or partition. Example: sca or sca/sca1


The string all, meaning all unmounted disks attached to the node.


A comma-separated list of disks which have non-replicated volumes.<eg> "sca" or "sca/sca1,scb"</eg>


Remove a disk:

maprcli disk remove -disks ["sda1"]