The script /opt/mapr/server/pullcentralconfig on each node pulls master configuration files from /var/mapr/configuration on the cluster to the local disk:

  • If the master configuration file is newer, the local copy is overwritten by the master copy
  • If the local configuration file is newer, no changes are made to the local copy

The volume mapr.configuration (normally mounted at /var/mapr/configuration) contains directories with master configuration files:

  • Configuration files in the default directory are applied to all nodes
  • To specify custom configuration files for individual nodes, create directories corresponding to individual hostnames. For example, the configuration files in a directory named /var/mapr/configuration/nodes/host1.r1.nyc would only be applied to the machine with the hostname host1.r1.nyc.

The following parameters in warden.conf control whether central configuration is enabled, the path to the master configuration files, and how often pullcentralconfig runs:

  • centralconfig.enabled — Specifies whether to enable central configuration.
  • pollcentralconfig.interval.seconds — The frequency to check for configuration updates, in seconds.