virtualip edit

Edits a virtual IP (VIP) range. Permissions required: fc or a.


maprcli virtualip edit
    [ -cluster <cluster> ]
    [ -macs <MAC addresses> ] 
    -netmask <netmask>
    -virtualip <virtualip>
    [ -virtualipend <virtual IP range end> ]
    [ -preferredmac <MAC address> ]
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
macs A list of the MAC addresses that represent the NICs on the nodes that the VIPs in the VIP range can be associated with. Use this list to limit VIP assignment to NICs on a particular subnet when your NFS server is part of multiple subnets.
netmask The netmask of the virtual IP.
preferredmac The preferred MAC for this virtual IP. When an NFS server restarts, the MapR system attempts to move all of the virtual IP addresses that list a MAC address on this node as a preferred MAC to this node. If the new value is null, this parameter resets the preferred MAC value.
virtualip The virtual IP, or the start of the virtual IP range.
virtualipend The end of the virtual IP range.


maprcli virtualip edit   
              -cluster mycluster.402.source  
              -macs "09:0C:29:3C:47:AB 00:0c:29:9e:96:15"  
curl -k -X POST '' --user mapr:mapr