Known Issues at Release (MapR 6.0.0)

You may encounter the following known issues after upgrading to Version 6.0. This list is current as of the release date. For a dynamic list of all known issues for all MapR product releases, refer to MapR Support notices of known issues

Where available, the workaround for an issue is also documented here. MapR provides maintenance releases and patches to fix issues. We recommend checking the the release notes for any subsequent maintenance releases to see if one or more of these issues are fixed.

Installation and Configuration Issues

You can see generic installation issues here: MapR Installer Known Issues.

Upgrade Issues

Issue: The Oozie process fails following a manual upgrade from MapR 5.2.x (MEP 3.0.1) to MapR 6.0 if Oozie is not upgraded to the MEP 4.0.0 version.
Workaround: Upgrading all ecosystem components to MEP 4.0.0 is required before you can enable MapR 6.0 features. If you cannot upgrade to MEP 4.0.0 immediately, use these steps to restart Oozie:
  1. Stop Oozie:
    maprcli node services -name oozie -action stop -nodes <nodes>
  2. Recreate the Oozie war file by using one of the following commands:
    • If SSL was enabled for Oozie, use this command:
      /opt/mapr/oozie/oozie-<version>/bin/ -hadoop <version> /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-<version> -secure
    • If SSL was not enabled for Oozie, use this command:
      /opt/mapr/oozie/oozie-<version>/bin/ -hadoop <version> /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-<version>
  3. Start Oozie:
    maprcli node services -name oozie -action start -nodes <nodes>

Indexing and Mapr Drill

Running multiple queries in sequence can cause drillbits to run out of direct memory. Limiting records in large batches to 5KB may prevent this issue from occurring. Should Drill return an out of memory exception, issue the following command to restart the drillbits:
$ maprcli node services -name drill-bits -action restart -nodes <node host names separated by a space>
If you use the Google Guava library in your application and encounter the following error:
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:;
You must use version 18.0 of the library. If you use Maven, you can use the following dependency:


When you issue a maprcli table changelog add command, during the initial sync when the existing data is copied to the change log, the end-to-end latency during the initial 5 minutes can be high. After the initial sync, any latency will be small, specifically 2-4 seconds.

MapR Client

The same MapR client can access both secure and nonsecure clusters; however, a MapR client that is configured to access a secure cluster can access a nonsecure cluster only if these conditions are met:
  • The secure cluster must be listed first in mapr-clusters.conf.
  • A user must obtain a ticket for the secure cluster even if the user wants to access only the nonsecure cluster.

MapR Control System

Issue: When you use the browser to point to the same MCS URL for different MapR versions, you may see an error because the local browser storage (used to store MCS user preferences) is incongruous with the version of MCS installed.
  1. Remove the MCS user preferences file from cluster.
    For example, to remove the preferences file, run the following commands:
    hadoop fs -rm /var/mapr/cluster/admin/.root.mcs.json
    hadoop fs -rm /var/mapr/cluster/admin/.mapr.mcs.json
  2. Open an incognito browser (or delete local storage for current browser for MCS host) and then point to MCS.

    This forces the file to be recreated on the cluster.

MON-2422 and MON-2423
Issue: When you select one or more volumes from the list of volumes in the Volumes pane, navigate to another page in the Volumes pane, and then select Snapshot Volume from the Actions dropdown menu, the Snapshot Volume confirmation window does not display and the Actions dropdown menu label is Snapshot Volume.
Workaround: The volumes that you selected must be visible in the page in order to view the Snapshot Volume confirmation window. If necessary, increase the row count to display the Snapshot Volume confirmation window or refresh the browser to reset the page.
Issue: If you enter an invalid username in the Admin > User Settings > Permissions page, you might not be able to add or modify permissions for any user.
Workaround: Refresh the browser to add, modify, or delete permissions for users.
Issue: The All Alarms pane only displays up to one hundred alarms.
Workaround: If you have over one hundred alarms, all of which are not displayed in the All alarms view in the Alarms Summary page, filter the list of alarms by the alarm type (from the dropdown list).
Issue: When you try to navigate to another cluster by clicking on the cluster name from the dropdown list at the top of the page, the Overview page for the current cluster displays and it takes a few minutes to display the MCS login page for the other cluster.
Issue: If a node has multiple IP addresses, the log viewer link for the services in the nodes information page is broken because the Kibana URL contains multiple IP addresses.
Workaround: Remove all irrelevant IP addresses in the URL and use the modified URL to view logs for the service.
Issue: If Elasticsearch fails, the Services page does not show the nodes on which Elasticsearch has failed.
Issue: If you add Streams license separately, you may not be able to view the Streams page.
Workaround: Contact MapR Support.
Issue: When you preserve snapshots, there is no notification (success message) or indication (Expires On column still does not show No Expiration) even though the operation succeeded.
Workaround: Refresh the page after preserving a snapshot to see the No Expiration setting in the Expires On column.
Issue: Partial search works only when the start character in the search field matches the entity name.
Workaround: Specify the full name of the entity or use asterisk (*) in the search field when searching for entities.
Issue: When you select topics to remove, deselect all the topics in the Remove Topic confirmation window and click Cancel, then select a topic in the page by clicking on the checkbox, the Remove Topic window opens again even if you did not click on the Remove Topic button.
Workaround: Refresh the page.
Issue: In the Add Change Log page, after entering field to add in the Publish Selected Field Path text field, the Add Field button is disabled.
Workaround: Click outside the text field to enable the Add Field button.
Issue: When adding or editing the compression setting on a replica, selecting Inherited does not have any effect. The default value is lz4.
Workaround: Do not select Inherited as the compression setting on a replica.
Issue: When modifying replica of a binary table with three or more column families, if you select different set of columns to replicate for different column families, the operation might result in an error.
Issue: If you adjust the system time, the time stamp associated with the alarm in the Active Alarms pane might show negative value.
Issue: In the User Disk Usage page, you cannot remove the email address after setting an email address for an entity by editing the properties.
Issue: The Save Changes button in the Access Control Expression builder page is disabled after entering user, group, or role name in text field.
Workaround: Click outside the field to enable the Save Changes button.
Issue: When editing multiple volumes, you cannot undo changes to Auditing and Accountable Entity fields by clicking .
Issue: When creating a mirror volume, after entering the name of the source volume on the remote cluster and selecting the remote cluster on which the volume resides, you may see an error that the source volume does not exist.
Workaround: Re-enter the name of the source volume on the remote cluster.
Issue: The icon cannot be used to search for stream topics.
Workaround: Press return/enter on the keyboard to search for stream topics.
Issue: In the Alarm Settings window, if you click the cursor in the Additional email recipients text field and then press the return/enter key in the keyboard without entering an email address, the Cluster Settings page displays once again.

MapR Monitoring

Issue: The memory allocated to OpenTSDB can be insufficient, resulting in empty graphs and out-of-memory or GC overhead limit exceeded errors.
Workaround: Increase the default memory for OpenTSDB by making the following changes on all OpenTSDB nodes:
  1. Edit the /opt/mapr/conf/conf.d/warden.opentsdb.conf file to change:
  2. Edit the /opt/mapr/opentsdb/opentsdb-*/etc/init.d/opentsdb file to change:
    {JVMXMX:=-Xmx2000m -Xss1m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=128m}
    {JVMXMX:=-Xmx6000m -Xss1m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=128m}
  3. Restart the OpenTSDB service:
    maprcli node services -name opentsdb -nodes <space-separated list of OpenTSDB nodes> -action restart
Issue: On a new installation of a secure cluster using the MapR Installer, Elasticsearch fails to start, and logs indicate that Elasticsearch key generation failed.
Workaround: Use the Incremental Install feature of the MapR Installer to retry installation of the MapR Monitoring logging components.
Issue: On a non-secure cluster, the MapR Monitoring index fails to load because Kibana tried to load the template before Elasticsearch started.
Workaround: In MCS, click the Services tab, locate Kibana, and click the restart button to restart Kibana.
Issue: The time-to-live for MapR-ES metrics is fixed at 30 days and cannot be reduced to lower disk space usage.
Issue: On secure Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 clusters, Elasticsearch fails to generate a keystore password if the uuid-runtime package is not installed. uuid-runtime is one of the MapR Installer prerequisites.
Workaround: Install the uuid-runtime package from the default Ubuntu repository:
apt-get install uuid-runtime
Issue: Kibana versions prior to 5.6.1 have a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Timelion (CVE‌-2017-11479). This is NOT a MapR vulnerability as MapR does not support (or recommend) Timelion.


See MapR PACC Known Issues.


Issue: On a secure cluster, Oozie jobs can fail when the timeline server for the Hive-on-Tez user interface is configured with MapR-SASL.
Workaround: Restart the resource manager and timeline server. For more information, see Configuring the Timeline Server to Use the Hive-on-Tez User Interface.

PJDTest Suite Compliance

Issue: When trying to open a FIFO on a FUSE mounted filesystem, permissions to perform the operation are not checked.
Issue: The FUSE-based POSIX can only trace at millisecond level and the test suite utimensat in pjdtestsuite fails because the test suite sets time in nanoseconds.
Issue: Any user can set time using touch -t for any file on a FUSE mounted filesystem.

Timeline Server

See Hive-on-Tez User Interface Known Issues.