Resolved Issues (MapR 6.0.1)

The following MapR issues are resolved in Version 6.0.1. Please see Resolved Issues (MapR 6.0.1) for a list of issues resolved in MapR 6.0.

Component Number Issue
CLDB 29947 0 MB cids in inTransitContainers of sp not getting cleared across DBal cycles blocking sp selection for replica destination.
DB 30811 High fileserver memory alarm on cluster node.
DB 30526 Hitting cores in mapr::fs::GetReleaseMemFreeChildDone and mapr::fs::Tablet::LoadMakePartition.
ES 30322 Monitoring(OpenTSDB and Collectd) doesn't work under the license "Converged Edition - Hadoop".
ES 30640 V5.2.0 mfs asserted at mapr::fs::Remotefs::RequestToCidServer
ES 30030 Thread leak in Kafka Distributed Mode
MapR Monitoring SPYG-994 The time-to-live for MapR-ES metrics was fixed at 30 days and cannot be reduced to lower disk space usage.
MCS MON-3279 Vulnerability in libpam4j bundled with MCS.
MCS MON-2422 When you select one or more volumes from the list of volumes in the Volumes pane, navigate to a sub-page in the Volumes pane, and then select Snapshot Volume from the Actions dropdown menu, the Snapshot Volume confirmation window does not display and the Actions dropdown menu label is Snapshot Volume.
MCS MON-2423
MCS MON-2414 If you enter an invalid username in the Admin > User Settings > Permissions page, you might not be able to add or modify permissions for any user.
MCS 2413 The All alarms pane only displays up to one hundred alarms.
MCS MON-2374 If a node has multiple IP addresses, the log viewer link for the services in the nodes information page is broken because the Kibana URL contains multiple IP addresses.
MCS MON-2321 If Elasticsearch fails, the Services page does not show the nodes on which Elasticsearch has failed.
MCS MON-2102 Partial search works only when the start character in the search field matches the entity name.
MCS MON-1400 The icon cannot be used to search for stream topics.
Security 29617 The "maprexecute allowaccess" command previously allowed a mapr user to escalate permissions on system files that are owned by root. Restrictions have been placed on the command.
XD/ACE 30245 Permission denied error due to aceCache when readdir served by master node of namecontainer.
XD/Alarms 30149 The maprcli alarm list shows volume alarms for volumes that are removed.
XD/MFS 30198 CID 1 has a list of volids and cids that are not present on the cluster.
XD/MFS 30286 Updates to a container in the process of a master switch (via RBal) are blocked for an extended period.
XD/MFS 30072 The mrconfig info threads command is causing MFS to crash.
YARN 29587 Hive queries fail when LDAP authentication is enabled.
YARN 29952 com.mapr.baseutils.zookeeper.ZKUtils code optimization.
Zookeeper 29407 Backport ZOOKEEPER-1573 to mapr-zookeeper-3.4.5.
Hive 182 Too long host names caused Hive daemons to fail.