Resolved Issues (MapR 6.0.0)

The following MapR issues, which were reported by customers, are resolved in Version 6.0.
Component Number Description Resolution
CLDB 14105 Log a proper error message when nodes attempt to the register with duplicate IP addresses
CLDB 22044 cldb.log is not rotated properly
CLDB 24413 cldb servers keep crashing with [java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 at com.mapr.fs.cldb.topology.Topology.addServerBackToRRList( ]
CLDB 24846 topology gets lost after cldbfaileover
CLDB 25590 Wrong fileserver port information served by slave cldb
CLDB 25800 Unable to restore mapr.cldb.internal from dump
CLDB 28633 Immediately after a master CLDB failover, users were able to remove a node which had not yet registered with the new master CLDB. With this fix, node cannot be removed for up to 15 minutes after a master CLDB failover.
CLDB 29588 CLDB deleted wrong CID 1 causing CLDB volume to be wiped out
FileClient 22571 To use the MapR Client on Windows, it was necessary to set up the spoof user username, uid, and gid in the core-site.xml file because these properties were needed for translating cluster uid back to username (for job submission). With this fix, you need not set up the spoof user username, uid, and gid in the core-site.xml file as username is available via the ticket.
FileClient 23880 When multiple applications attempt to load the same MapR native library using the root class loader, an exception was returned because MapR native library can be loaded only once and an application had already successfully loaded the MapR native library. With this fix, an exception is not returned when applications try to load an already loaded MapR native library.
FileClient 24140 On Windows, MapRClient generates core for Python APIs
FileClient 24247 FSDataInputStream the number of bytes read, possibly zero, or -1 if reach end-of-stream not met
FileClient 24249 ERROR Client fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 7321 MapClientInitParams: Unable to get setSeperateAuditPathfieldID from Java
FileClient 24965 Bug in FileClient initialization
FileClient 25198 Insert query with union all failed by InvalidInputException on hive-1.0 and Tez
FileClient 25471 Failed to fetch attributes for volume
FileClient 26790 FUSE: CP command fails with ESTALE error
FileClient 27757 YARN Distributed shell application fails after RM failover
FileClient 28440 API returns invalid data
FileClient 28528 FsAction.READ_EXECUTE on directory result in AccessControlException
FileClient 29121 API returns invalid data
FileServer 12856 Improve behavior of "hadoop fs -rmr", do not build entire file list in memory, unlink files as their meta info is returned by readdir
FileServer 23530 SPs went offline on 2 nodes at same time and 2 containers stuck in BM state
FileServer 24232 Unable to access or remove directory with stale files
FileServer 24779 Assert in mapr::fs::Replication::FreeReplica
FileServer 24805 Summary: Reduce Lock contention in SetAttr by using Fid lock in shared mode when possible.
FileServer 24884 Stale container cache in mfs can potentially corrupt data
FileServer 25848 Error In GetXattr for Fid x.x.x error=2 while accessing a file
FileServer 26025 Security::Decrypt() returning EINVAL, causes MFS to assert in ReplicateOps::OpRespond()
FileServer 26093 mfs assert in unlink after promoting destination mirror to RW
FileServer 26288 MFS went to hung state looping in mapr::fs::CidCache::LookupServerBinding(unsigned long) ()
FileServer 26351 SSD Trimming is not supported by all vendors
FileServer 26570 A successful gethostbyname() call returns h_addr_list as NULL causing MFS to crash
FileServer 28794 punch hole is slow as it is doing log flush un-necessarily
FS:Audit 24585 Extra logging in cldbaudit.log.json
FS:Audit 24915 expandaudit command creates huge error files
FS:Cache 28775 mfs write take long time due to uncache
FS:Container 23876 Container was in resync for 12 hours
FUSE-based POSIX Client 25290 Fuse process crashes frequently
FUSE-based POSIX Client 28907 The MapR FUSE-based POSIX client required user/group to exist before allowing creation of files in MapR-FS with those UIDs/GIDs. With this fix, the MapR FUSE-based POSIX allows file creation in MapR-FS with UIDs/GIDs that may not exist on the cluster or the client host.
FUSE-based POSIX Client 28910 When enabling the setgid bit on a file, if the the primary group set in the executing process did not match the actual group of the file, then POSIX-compliant file systems proceeded without throwing an error. With this fix, the file system now gives EPERM error when setting the setgid bit on file, if the primary group of the executing process does not match the actual group of the file.
FUSE-based POSIX Client 28914 Unlink operation sometimes left the file in inconsistent state when accessed using the FUSE-based POSIX client. With this fix, the unlink operation will succeed and the file cannot be accessed.
FS:Hardlinks 24238 Multi-mfs crashes at mapr::fs::Container::IAllocFromAg
FS:Mirror2RW 20644 Mirror schedule stop with inuse flag 0
FS:Mirror2RW 25308 mfs asserts in GetChildAttrInodeGotten()
FS:Replication 25147 Mfs detected deadlock condition during container replication and result to server restart
FS:Replication 25443 Container in resync mode forever; corresponding resync on upstream is missing
FS:Replication 26054 Container stuck in resync state without any progress with single valid copy
hoststats 11349 hoststats fails to start on one node
JM:UI 24700 JobTracker UI fails with NullPointerException for hive parameter
DB 24054 MapR-DB performance was significantly degraded after it became 4 nodes cluster
DB 25241 MapR-DB: FuzzRowFilter is not returning correct result
DB 25485 Scanning MapR-DB table fails with Input/Output error due to corrupt column family data
DB 26416 Assert during free in mapr::fs::LDBBlock::FetchBlockCheckCrcAndCleanup
DB 28023 Segmentation fault in SegmentScanner::Init
DB 26338 QueryCondition using in conditional does not include last value in provided list
MapReduce 24135 Limits class does not construct Configuration correctly, enforces wrong counter limit, causes TaskTracker failures
MapReduce 24235 deadlock at com.mapr.log4j.CentralTaskLogAppender
MapReduce 25373 Jobs failing after upgrade to 5.2 due to not supported on Windows in standalone mode
MapReduce 25599 Warden might start JobTracker twice
NFS 23698 Change of NFS Export Path
NFS 24315 dd command reads more data than the actual data when iflag=direct is used
NFS 24434 rsync is not working properly with hardlinks
NFS 24630 full time stamp shows negative numbers after applying patch 39544
NFS 28016 NFS keeps trying to access dead file server
NFS:LoopBack 23652 MapR client (POSIX, FUSE, native) does not automatically refresh service ticket
Security 27152 MapR-FS crashed because the number of bytes to encrypt exceeded 256MB. This number of bytes to encrypt can now be greater than 256MB.
Tez 20965 Insert query with union all failed by ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on hive-1.0 and Tez
UI:Browser 23257 VIP created using "Select the desired network interfaces" does not appear in NFS Setup in MCS
UI:CLI 24280 dashboard info failed with "TimeoutException during RM Status thread execution"
Warden 24119 Warden calculation of MFS,nodemanager memory consumption is incorrect
Warden 24562 Warden is not being nicer to CLDB in latest releases
YARN 23571 Spark Web UI failed with ERROR 500 when Zero configuration RM HA enabled
YARN 24392 mapr 5.2 RM not coming up
YARN 24477 LocalVolumeAuxService instance continues to work if init failed
YARN 24812 Hive couldn't find finished job status
YARN 25001 FairScheduler: potential livelock due to maxAMShare limitation and container reservation
YARN 25175 Resource Manager fails to load state with InvalidProtocolBufferException Property "yarn.resourcemanager.fs.state-store.remove-corrupted-data" works as expected:
  • when "true", corrupted data is removed and RM starts successfully.
  • when "false", exception is thrown and RM does not start if data is corrupted.
YARN 25359 RM crashes due to inability of maprfs to remove application's directory from RM state store
YARN 25387 NullPointerException in Error in handling event type NODE_ADDED to the scheduler
YARN 26425 ResourceManager goes loops infinitely in the FairScheduler.preemptResources method while holding FairScheduler lock, causing all RPC threads blocked by lock contention
YARN 27919 Memory Leak in org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem$Cache
YARN 28366 FairScheduler.preemptMapping leak