Exceptions to Built-in Security in MapR

Describes areas in which built-in security is not yet implemented for MapR clusters and how to work around those issues.

OpenTSDB Open for Read Access

OpenTSDB in MapR 6.0 is not secured by default and is open for read access to users with network access to the cluster. Note that access is read-only; you cannot write to OpenTSDB. And the user interface is disabled.

Wire Encryption for Volumes

By default, content in a volume is not enabled for wire encryption. However, when your cluster is up and running, you can enable wire encryption for all content in a volume when you create or modify a volume. To enable or disable wire encryption:
  • From the command line: Set the value for the wiresecurityenabled parameter to true (to enable) or false (to disable) by using the volume create or volume modify command.
  • From MCS: Use the slider to select Yes (to enable) or No (to disable) when creating or modifying a volume.