Encryption Architecture: Wire-Level Security

Describes the encryption architecture in MapR.

MapR uses a mix of approaches to secure the core work of the cluster and the Hadoop components installed on the cluster. For example, nodes in a MapR cluster use different protocols depending on their tasks:

  • The FileServer, NodeManager, and ResourceManager use MapR tickets to secure their remote procedure calls (RPCs) with the native MapR security layer. Clients can use the maprlogin utility to obtain MapR tickets. Web UI elements of these components use password security by default, but can also be configured to use SPNEGO.

  • Hive Metastore, Hue, Flume, and Oozie use MapR tickets by default, but can also be configured to use Kerberos.
  • HBase requires Kerberos for secure communications.

Servers must use matching security approaches. When an Oozie server, which supports MapR Tickets and Kerberos, connects to HBase, which supports only Kerberos, Oozie must use Kerberos for outbound security. When servers have both MapR and Kerberos credentials, these credentials must map to the same User ID to prevent ambiguity problems.