Manual Rolling Upgrade Procedure

You must complete a series of upgrade steps for each node in each upgrade group.

Complete the following upgrade steps for each node in each upgrade group.

  1. Download the archive file from
  2. Extract the archive file. When you upgrade each package, be sure to specify the full path to the files in this local directory.
    tar -xzvf <archive file>
  3. Run commands to determine if a patch is installed. If the commands display no output, no patch is installed.
    • RHEL/CentOS and SUSE: rpm -qa mapr-patch
    • Ubuntu: dpkg -l | grep mapr-patch
  4. Get the default MapReduce mode for the cluster.
    maprcli cluster mapreduce get
  5. Set the node to maintenance mode.
    sudo maprcli node maintenance -nodes <hostname> -timeoutminutes 30
  6. Notify the CLDB that the node is going to be upgraded.
    sudo maprcli notifyupgrade start -node <hostname>
  7. Stop Warden.
    sudo service mapr-warden stop
  8. If ZooKeeper is installed on the node, stop ZooKeeper.
    service mapr-zookeeper stop
  9. Remove any patches installed on the node.
    • RHEL/CentOS or SUSE: sudo rpm -e mapr-patch
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get -y remove mapr-patch
  10. Upgrade each MapR package on the node based on the defined package upgrade order by running this command for each package:
    • RHEL/CentOS or SUSE: sudo rpm --quiet --force --nosignature -U </FullPathToPackage/PackageName.rpm>
    • Ubuntu: sudo dpkg --force-all -i </FullPathToPackage/PackageName.rpm>
  11. Configure the node.
    sudo /opt/mapr/server/ -R
  12. If ZooKeeper is installed on the node, start ZooKeeper.
    service mapr-zookeeper start
  13. Start Warden.
    sudo service mapr-warden start
  14. Check that the CLDB is running. If output is displayed, the CLDB is running. If not, start CLDB.
    maprcli node list
  15. Unset maintenance mode on the node, notify the CLDB about the upgraded version, and about the finished status of the upgrade process.
    sudo maprcli node maintenance -nodes <hostname> -timeoutminutes 0
    sudo maprcli config save -values {mapr.targetversion:"`cat /opt/mapr/MapRBuildVersion`"}
    sudo maprcli notifyupgrade finish –node <hostname>
  16. Wait for the containers to synchronize, run the following command, and check that there is no output.
    /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig info containers resync local

    No output signifies that the containers are synchronized.

See Post-Upgrade Steps for MapR Core