Using Zeppelin to Access Different Backend Engines

This section contains examples of how to use Apache Zeppelin interpreters to access the different backend engines. This includes running Apache Pig scripts, Apache Drill queries, Apache Hive queries, and Apache Spark jobs, as well as accessing MapR-DB and MapR-ES.


The Data Science Refinery includes the libraries that allow you to access MapR-ES through the MapR-ES Java and C APIs. You must run these applications inside your container. To log in to your container, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your container-id using the output from the following command:
    docker ps
  2. Log in to your container as the user running the container using the container-id:
    docker exec -it --user <MAPR_CONTAINER_USER> <container-id> bash -l

See MapR-ES Java Applications and MapR-ES C Applications for details about how to use these APIs.