Zeppelin Log Files

Apache Zeppelin generates log files for each interpreter you use. Each interpreter also generates its own log files. This section describes the location and naming conventions of these files.

Zeppelin Interpreter Logs

Zeppelin stores these log files in the /opt/mapr/zeppelin/ zeppelin-0.7.2 /logs directory. The names of the files have the following pattern:
This is an example of a Pig log file name:

The following table summarizes the tags used in the name:

Tag Name Description Value in Example
<INTERPRETER_ID> The interpreter family name, e.g., livy, jdbc pig
<MAPR_CONTAINER_USER> The user running the container mapruser1
<CONTAINER_ID> The container ID generated by Docker for your Zeppelin container a384f3320c46

Interpreter Log Files

These log files are specific to each interpreter. You can find them in the directories corresponding to each interpreter. For example, in the case of Livy, the log files are in the /opt/mapr/livy/ livy-0.3.0 /logs directory. The names of the Livy log files have the following pattern:

where <MAPR_CONTAINER_USER> is the name of the user running the container.

This is an example of a Livy log file name: