Using Visualization Packages in Zeppelin

Apache Zeppelin includes the Helium framework. Helium allows you to register visualization packages with Zeppelin. Using visualization packages, you can view your data through area charts, bar charts, scatter charts, and other displays. To use a visualization package, you must download it, register it with Zeppelin, and enable it through Helium. Like Zeppelin interpreters, Helium is automatically installed in your Zeppelin container.

The example in this section assumes that you are using Zeppelin 0.7.2 and are enabling the zeppelin-highcharts-spline package.
  1. Locate the package you want to use from the list available at

  2. Click on the link corresponding to your package to navigate to the URL where you can download the package.

    The URL for zeppelin-highcharts-spline is

  3. Confirm that the package is compatible with your version of Zeppelin.

    zeppelin-highcharts-spline is compatible with Zeppelin 0.7.

  4. Log in to your Zeppelin container and create the directory /opt/mapr/zeppelin/zeppelin-<version>/helium:
    docker ps
    docker exec -it --user <MAPR_CONTAINER_USER> <container-id> bash -l
    mkdir /opt/mapr/zeppelin/
  5. Download the JSON file for the package and copy it to the directory in your container that you created in Step 4:
    docker cp ~/Downloads/zeppelin-highcharts-spline.json <container-id>:/opt/mapr/zeppelin/
  6. Restart Zeppelin inside your container:
          /bin/ restart
  7. Display the list of available packages by selecting the Helium tab in the main menu of the Zeppelin UI:

  8. Locate your package and click Enable: