API Documentation

MapR supports public APIs for MapR Filesystem, MapR Database, and MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka. These APIs are available for application development purposes.

Important: Development using MapR's non-public (private or internal) APIs is not supported.
Table 1. MAPR API Document List with Links
Feature Language Link to Location Description
MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka Administration Java

See MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka Java Applications for streams and topics information for application development.

MapR-Streams Java API for performing administrative tasks on streams and topics, setting values for the attributes of streams, and accessing streams for analytics purposes.

MapR-modified Kafka interfaces, classes, and packages used for MapR-Streams API. This library is a MapR modified version of the open source Kafka library.

MapR Database JSON Client Java MapR Database JSON Client API
Note: Beginning with MapR version 6.0, the MapR Database Table interface in the MapR Database JSON Client API is deprecated and replaced by the DocumentStore interface in the OJAI API library. See the next row for details on that API.
Java API for administration and management of MapR Database JSON tables.
Java OJAI Client Java

Java OJAI Client API

OJAI is a general-purpose JSON access layer that sits on databases, file systems, and message streams which enables access to structured, semi-structured and unstructured data using a common API. Used for working with MapR Database JSON.
OJAI REST API REST Using the MapR Database JSON REST API Provides an alternative to writing a Java OJAI application. Using HTTP calls, you can perform basic operations on MapR Database JSON tables.
Node.js OJAI Client Python

Node.js OJAI Client API provides the Node.js API documentation.

Allows you to write OJAI applications in Node.js to access MapR Database JSON
Python OJAI Client Python

Python OJAI Client API provides the Python API documentation.

Allows you to write OJAI applications in Python to access MapR Database JSON
MapR Database Binary tables C Creating C Apps - Binary Tables C API library (libMapRClient) for creating and accessing MapR binary tables. This library is a MapR-specific version of libhbase.
MapR Database JSON MapReduce Java

MapR Database JSON MapReduce API

Java API library that extends the Apache Hadoop MapReduce framework. Used to create MapReduce applications that write data from one JSON table to another.
File Access Control Expressions Java File ACE API APIs to grant different permissions to multiple users, groups, and roles for files, directories, and whole volume data using boolean expressions and subexpressions.
MapR Filesystem C Accessing MapR Filesystem with C Applications MapR's libMapRClient library that supports access to the MapR file system. This library is a MapR modified version of libhdfs. Used to manage MapR Filesystem files.
MapR Filesystem Java Accessing MapR Filesystem in Java Applications MapR's native maprfs library for accessing MapR file system.
Extended Attributes Java Extended Attributes API APIs to associate additional metadata with a regular file or directory.