Adding a New Grafana User to a Secure MapR Cluster

In a secure MapR cluster, adding a new Grafana user requires an extra step to ensure that the user can be authenticated through the CLDB.

Beginning with MEP 5.0.0, Grafana no longer uses its own database to authenticate on secure MapR clusters. On secure clusters, when you enter your user name and password into the browser, the Grafana server sends the user name and password to the CLDB, and the CLDB authenticates using the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) and HTTPS.

Because authentication relies on the CLDB, any new user that you add to Grafana must also exist on the MapR cluster. Therefore, to add a new Grafana user in a secure MapR cluster:

  1. Add the user to the Linux system first. This user must have the same Linux UID and GID on every node in the MapR cluster.
  2. Add the same user to Grafana, making sure that you use the user ID you added to the Linux system. In Grafana: Settings > ServerAdmin > Users > Add new user.