Changing the Password for Grafana

This page describes how to change the Grafana password for secure and nonsecure clusters.

Secure Clusters

To change the Grafana password for a secure cluster, you must change the password for the MapR cluster admin user. How you change the password depends on the security implementation. For example, if your security implementation is PAM and LDAP, you would use LDAP to change the cluster admin password.
Note: If the cluster is secure, attempting to change the Grafana password using the Grafana UI has no effect.

Nonsecure Clusters

For a nonsecure cluster:
  1. Log in to the interface using the admin user ID and the password that you specified for the admin user ID when you installed the cluster.
  2. Select Home > Admin > Profile.
  3. On the User Profile screen, click Change Password, located near the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter and save the new password.