Decommissioning a Node for Enabling Encryption of Data at Rest

Decommission Node to Enable DARE

Use the following procedure to decommission a node for preparing the node for data at rest encryption.

  1. Drain the node of data by moving the node to the /decommissioned physical topology.
    See Changing the Topology of one or more Nodes for more information. By default, all the data on a node in the /decommissioned topology is migrated to volumes and nodes in the /data topology.
  2. Run the following command to check if volumes are present on the node:
    maprcli dump volumenodes -volumename <volume> -json | grep <ip:port>
    Note: Run this command for each non-local volume in your cluster to verify that the node being decommissioned is not storing any volume data.
  3. Stop Warden on the node as the root user or use sudo.
    For example, run the following command to stop Warden using sudo: sudo /bin/systemctl stop mapr-warden
  4. Run utility with the -C and -Z options on all the other nodes if the node you moved is a CLDB or ZooKeeper node.
  5. Remove the node.
    See Removing one or more Nodes for more information.
  6. Verify that the SPs associated with the node (that you removed in the previous step) are not displayed in the list of storage pools in the CLDB service information page.
    See Viewing CLDB Information for more information.