File Extensions of Compressed Files

By default, MapR does not compress files whose filename extensions indicate they are already compressed. The default list of filename extensions is as follows:

  • bz2
  • gz
  • lzo
  • snappy
  • tgz
  • tbz2
  • zip
  • z
  • Z
  • mp3
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • mpg
  • mpeg
  • avi
  • gif
  • png

The list of filename extensions not to compress is stored as comma-separated values in the mapr.fs.nocompression configuration parameter and can be modified with the config save command. For example, you can add parquet to the default list:

maprcli config save -values '{"mapr.fs.nocompression":"bz2,gz,lzo,snappy,tgz,tbz2,zip,z,Z,mp3,jpg,jpeg,mpg,mpeg,avi,gif,png,parquet"}'

The list can be viewed with the config load command. Example:

maprcli config load -keys mapr.fs.nocompression