Formatting a Storage Pool for Encryption of Data at Rest

This section describes how to reformat a storage pool for data at rest encryption and determine if a storage pool is enabled for data at rest encryption.

Formatting a Storage Pool on a Node for Encryption of Data at Rest

  1. Determine the number of SPs on the node by running the following command:
    /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig sp list
  2. Select the SP to reformat and run the following command:
    mrconfig sp offline <sp path>
  3. Wait for the Data Under-Replicated alarm to clear and ensure that there are no Data Unavailable alarms.
  4. Remove the disk from MapR Filesystem.
    See Removing Disks from MapR Filesystem for more information.
  5. Format the disk on the node.
  6. Add disk to MapR Filesystem.
    See Adding Disks to MapR Filesystem for more information.

Determining if a Storage Pool is Enabled for Data at Rest Encryption

Run the following command to determine if an SP is enabled for data-at-rest encryption:
# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig sp list -v
ListSPs resp: status 0:2
No. of SPs (2), totalsize 3518339 MB, totalfree 691937 MB
SP 0: name SP1, Online, size 1761217 MB, free 377127 MB, path /dev/sdb, log 200 MB, port 5660, guid 9dd586829e179476005b0ce23f0dae3c, clusterUuid -7600986066553737256-4524271553806028052, disks /dev/sdb /dev/sdd, dare 1
SP 1: name SP2, Online, size 1757121 MB, free 314809 MB, path /dev/sde, log 200 MB, port 5660, guid daa5916af8909118005b0ce2430d6d54, clusterUuid -7600986066553737256-4524271553806028052, disks /dev/sde /dev/sdf, dare 1

If enabled, the value for dare in the output is 1 (as shown in bold in the above sample command output) and if disabled, the value is 0.