Specifying Fair Scheduler Configuration Properties in yarn-site.xml

The yarn-site.xml file contains parameters that determine scheduler-wide options. These properties include:

Parameter Default Value Description
yarn.scheduler.fair.allocation.file fair-scheduler.xml Specifies the path to the allocation file. If a relative path is given, the file is searched for on the classpath.
yarn.scheduler.fair.user-as-default-queue true Indicates whether to use the username associated with the allocation file as the default queue name, if a queue name is not specified.
Note: If a queue placement policy is given in the allocations file, this property is ignored.
yarn.scheduler.fair.preemption false Indicates whether to use preemption.
Note: Do not use preemption when FairScheduler DominantResourceFairness is in use and node labels are present.
yarn.scheduler.fair.sizebasedweight false Indicates whether to assign shares to individual applications based on their size, rather than providing an equal share to all applications regardless of size. When set to true, applications are weighted by (ln 1 + <application's total requested memory>)/ ln 2.
yarn.scheduler.fair.assignmultiple false Indicates whether to allow multiple container assignments in one heartbeat.
yarn.scheduler.fair.resources-based-on-labels-enabled false Indicates whether to allow container allocation on all nodes by recomputing of fair shares based on labels.
yarn.scheduler.fair.preemption.cluster-utilization-threshold.based-on-labels-enabled false Indicates whether to enable/disable preemption of the threshold per-label.