Logging on to Grafana Without Using the Cluster Admin

In secure Grafana installations where the cluster admin (typically mapr) has no password and is not allowed to log in as a user, special steps are required to enable login with a user other than the cluster admin.

Use this procedure only if the cluster admin has no password. After an upgrade or a new installation of Grafana, perform these steps on the Grafana nodes:

  1. Remove the old Grafana database. You will be able to access the Grafana database later using the new Grafana admin user:
    cd /opt/mapr/grafana/grafana-<version>/var/lib/grafana
    mv grafana.db grafana.db.sv
  2. Use the export command to specify the new Grafana admin user:
    export GRAFANA_ADMIN_ID=<username>
  3. Run configure.sh with the -R option:
    configure.sh -R
  4. Restart Grafana.