Example of Mounting FUSE

This example shows you how to mount FUSE and perform operations as a regular user.

The following example is a quick introduction to mounting FUSE and accessing the mount point as a regular user.

Assume that you have a mount point /mapr that you want to mount on FUSE and access as user kate.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Create the user kate: Run
    adduser kate
  2. Generate a ticket with impersonation as user kate. You will use this ticket to mount and access FUSE. Run:
    maprlogin generateticket -type servicewithimpersonation -user kate -out /var/tmp/sample_ticket
    Note: For more information on generating a ticket with impersonation, see How Impersonation Works and Generating a Service with Impersonation Ticket
  3. Edit the /opt/mapr/conf/fuse.conf file and set fuse.ticketfile.location=/var/tmp/sample_ticket
  4. The mount point /mapr is already set in the fuse.conf file.
    Note: Change fuse.mount.point=/mapr if your mount point is different from /mapr.
  5. Create the /mapr directory. Run:
    mkdir /mapr
  6. Start the MapR FUSE POSIX client, either basic or platinum as per your licence. For example:
    service mapr-posix-client-basic start

The /mapr directory is now mounted on FUSE. You can perform all operations on /mapr/ as the user kate.