Troubleshooting the FUSE-Based POSIX Client

This section contains information for troubleshooting the FUSE-Based POSIX client.

Enabling Traces

To enable traces at system startup, set the the property fs.mapr.trace in core-site.xml file. For example:

   <value>DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR | CRITICAL | OFF</value>
   <description> </description>

Collecting the Stacktrace

If the mountpoint is not responding or if the filesystem operations are taking too much time, collect the stacktrace of all the threads to debug. To collect the stacktrace of all threads, run the following command:

gstack <fuse-process-id> > ./gstack.log

If the filesystem commands fail, repeat the filesystem command with strace and collect the log file:

strace <filesystem command> > ./strace.log