MapR Control System (MCS) includes a metering feature that can be used to collect cluster storage and compute usage details for consumption-based billing, for actual monthly storage and computations.

Understanding MapR Metering

The metering feature relies on collecting data for cluster storage and compute usage to produce reports. The metering reporting process is secure, reliable, and auditable.

The metrics are collected every 15 minutes and output in JSON format. This JSON file is written to /var/mapr/metering/ with READ-ONLY permission. For archival and audit purposes, the metering files are saved in MapR file system, /var/mapr/metering/zips and /var/mapr/metering/sent. It is recommended to keep these files for a period of at least 2 years.

For a description of each metric collected by default, see Metering Data Descriptions.

For install instructions, see Installing Metering.

Note: If more than one API server is running on your cluster, MCS automatically turns on High Availability (HA) for your cluster.