Update the OpenTSDB Data Source For Grafana

Grafana connects to a single OpenTSDB node to read metrics. In the event that Grafana is unable to read metrics due to the failure of an OpenTSDB node, configure Grafana to connect to an available OpenTSDB node.

Note: The OpenTSDB node that Grafana connects to by default is determined by the first OpenTSDB node that was specified when the cluster was configured to use MapR Monitoring
  1. Use one of the following method to launch the Grafana UI:
    • From the MCS, select the Grafana view. After you select the Grafana view, you may also need to select the Pop-out page into a tab option.
    • From a web browser, launch the following URL: http://<IPaddressOfGrafanaNode>:3000
  2. Click the Grafana icon in the upper left corner to toggle the side menu bar.
  3. Select Data Sources from the menu.
  4. Click on the MapRMonitoringOpenTSDB data source.
  5. In the Http setting section, update the Url field to point to an active OpenTSDB node.
  6. Click Save & Test.