MapR CLDB Metrics

Every 10 seconds, the collectd service uses a MapR plugin to gather the following CLDB metrics on the master CLDB node in the cluster.

Name Description
mapr.cldb.cluster_cpu_total The number of physical CPUs in the cluster.
mapr.cldb.cluster_cpubusy_percent The aggregate percentage of busy CPUs in the cluster.
mapr.cldb.cluster_disk_capacity The storage capacity for MapR disks in GB.
mapr.cldb.cluster_diskspace_used The amount of MapR disks used in GB.
mapr.cldb.cluster_memory_capacity The memory capacity in MB.
mapr.cldb.cluster_memory_used The amount of used memory in MB.
mapr.cldb.containers The number of containers currently in the cluster.
mapr.cldb.containers_created The cumulative number of containers created in the cluster. This value includes containers that have been deleted.
mapr.cldb.containers_unusable The number of containers that are no longer usable. The CLDB marks a container as unusable when the node that stores the container is offline for 1 hour or more.
mapr.cldb.disk_space_available The amount of disk space available in GB.
mapr.cldb.nodes_in_cluster The number of nodes in the cluster.
mapr.cldb.nodes_offline The number of nodes in the cluster that are offline.
mapr.cldb.rpc_received The number of RPCs received.
mapr.cldb.rpcs_failed The number of RPCs failed.
mapr.cldb.storage_pools_cluster The number of storage pools.
mapr.cldb.storage_pools_offline The number of offline storage pools.
mapr.cldb.volumes The number of volumes created, including system volumes.