Configuring MapR FUSE-based POSIX Client for Tenant Environment

To enable tenant users to access the tenant share from the FUSE-based POSIX client, value for the following configuration parameters must be set in the fuse.conf file on the tenant host:

Parameter Description
fuse.mount.point Specifies the local mount path to where the cluster file system is going to mount. To mask the MapR branding from the tenant user, do not specify /mapr as the value for this parameter.
fuse.export Specifies the path to the tenant volume mount path or directory under the tenant volume mount point. This is disabled by default, allowing users to access all the clusters specified in /opt/mapr/conf/mapr-clusters.conf file. This must be set to enable the user on the tenant host to directly access only the specified volume or directory.
fuse.ticketfile.location Specifies the path to the tenant ticket file to start the service in secure mode.

For more information on all other available and supported parameters, see Configuring the MapR FUSE-based POSIX Client.