Updating ResourceManager Ports

To simplify the failover configurations in the yarn-site.xml, Warden maintains the list of ResourceManager ports in the warden.resourcemanager.conf file. For a list of the default port number, see Ports Used by MapR. If you want to edit the default ResourceManager ports, edit the warden.resourcemanager.conf file and the yarn-site.xml file on each ResourceManager node.
Note: If each node requires different ResourceManager ports, you must maintain a separate yarn-site.xml for each node. Therefore, to you use Central Configuration, you must create a customized configuration file for each ResourceManager node in the cluster.

To update the port numbers, edit the values in warden.resourcemanager.conf and add the values in yarn-site.xml.

  1. Open the warden.resourcemanager.conf (/opt/mapr/conf/conf.d/warden.resourcemanager.conf).
  2. Edit the port numbers, which are listed using the following format: service.extinfo.<port>= <port number>
    Port NameProperty Name in warden.resourcemanager.conf
    ResourceManager Scheduler RPC (for ApplicationMasters) service.extinfo.SCHEDULER_PORT
    ResourceManager Resource Tracker RPC (for NodeManagers) service.extinfo.RESOURCETRACKER_PORT
    ResourceManager Client RPC service.port
    ResourceManager Admin RPC service.extinfo.ADMIN_PORT
    ResourceManager Web UI (HTTP) service.extinfo.WEBAPP_PORT
    ResourceManager Web UI (HTTPS) service.extinfo.WEBAPP_HTTPS_PORT
  3. Open the yarn-site.xml file (/opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.x.x/etc/hadoop/yarn-site.xml).
  4. For each port that you edited, add the associated property to the yarn-site.xml file:
    Port NameProperty Name in yarn-site.xml
    ResourceManager Scheduler RPC (for ApplicationMasters) yarn.resourcemanager.scheduler.address
    ResourceManager Resource Tracker RPC (for NodeManagers) yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address
    ResourceManager Client RPC yarn.resourcemanager.address
    ResourceManager Admin RPC yarn.resourcemanager.admin.address
    ResourceManager Web UI (HTTP) yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address
    ResourceManager Web UI (HTTPS) yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.https.address

    For example, to update the port number for the ADMIN_PORT to 9000 on each node, enter the following in the yarn-site.xml file on each node:

  5. Restart the Warden and the ResourceManager services.