Removing a Role

The following steps describe how to remove a role from a node:
Note: Do not use these steps to remove the CLDB, ZooKeeper, or Fileserver role from a node.
  1. If you are removing the NFS role, unmount any existing client mounts.
    Removing the NFS role from a node affects any Virtual IP (VIP) pools that include this node.
  2. If the cluster has only one CLDB, run with the -C option on all the nodes.
  3. Stop the service for the role you want to remove, either through the MapR Control System (MCS) or by issuing a maprcli command:
    % maprcli node services -name <service_name> -action stop -nodes <node-name>

    The following example stops the webserver role on node "my-node":

    % maprcli node services -name webserver -action stop -nodes my-node
  4. Purge the role packages with the apt-get, yum, or zypper commands, depending on your operating system.
  5. Run -R on the node where you removed the role.
    Warden picks up the new configuration automatically.
  6. Issue the following command to restart Warden on the node where you removed the role:
    % service mapr-warden restart