Setting Up Volume Topology

MapR supports data placement control, in which you can place a volume on specific racks, nodes, or groups of nodes by setting its topology to an existing node topology. You can set volume topology using the MapR Control System or with the volume move command.

To move an existing volume to another topology, you must have the Converged Enterprise Edition installed on your system. Without the Converged Enterprise Edition, when you try to move a volume to another topology, the following error message is returned:

ERROR (10010) - Volume Move: No license for requested operation

Setting Up Volume Topology in the MapR Control System

You can set up volume topology at the time of volume creation or change the volume topology after volume creation. To:

Setting Up Volume Topology Using the CLI or REST API

To move a volume to a different topology, run the following command:

maprcli volume move -name <volume name> -topology <path>

For complete reference information, see volume move.