Setting up Mirroring to a Remote Cluster

Once data volumes are created in a primary datacenter, the MapR administrator creates mirror volumes in a remote secondary datacenter. The following diagram illustrates the mirror relationship between these two volumes:

Note: When you use promotable mirrors, the volumes on the destination cluster must be set up in the same way as on the primary site. This means that volume names are the same and mount points are the same. If a hierarchical mounting structure (such as /A/B) is used on the primary site, the same structure must be recreated once mirror volumes are promoted at the secondary site.

The following sections provides information about how to set up mirroring to a remote cluster:

  1. Creating Remote Mirrors
  2. Configuring Secure Clusters for Cross-Cluster Mirroring and Replication
  3. Creating a Mirror Volume
  4. Creating a Mirroring Schedule